5 Tips To Creating A Memorable Welcome Email

February 10, 2014 Best Practices

Hello_and_welcomeAh the trusted “Welcome” email! This simple message is one of the most important, yet overlooked, emails that you can ever send. Remember the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” It’s never been more true than with welcome emails. Your welcome email sets the tone for every subsequent email that you deliver to your subscriber…so make it a good one!

Here are 5 tips to help make sure your welcome email is memorable and effective.

Tip #1 – Make it personal. Establish a connection with your subscriber early by addressing them by name. During your sign up process, you’ve probably asked for first name, last name, and email address – since you have the information on file – use it! Some companies opt to address their users by username instead, but, whatever method you choose, make it personal.




Tip #2 – Deliver your email right away. Instant gratification is the name of the game today, so don’t hesitate to acknowledge receipt of your new users’ request to subscribe. Users expect immediate confirmation when they sign up for something and when they don’t get it, they think something is wrong. Again, be sure your first impression is a good one and let them know you not only received their request, but that you are all over it.

Tip #3 – Say “Thank You!” Your customers have a plethora of choices when it comes to the products they choose, so be sure to thank them for choosing you. It’s a simple phrase that can make a big impact on how your customers view your brand. Retailer, Kate Spade New York, relays a BIG THANKS to their new subscribers as pictured below.




Tip #4 – Spark user engagement. Show your users how to get started. This is especially important for web or mobile apps whose customers reap the benefit of their services by actually using it. Therefore, give them a few tips on where and how to get started. EventSpot, for example, provides a video tutorial, step-by-step guide, and a live webinar to help new users take advantage of the tool. Appboy (above) asks you to confirm your email and provides guidance on how to download their SDK. Find ways to incorporate quick and easy “getting started” steps to spark user engagement and foster higher retention rates.




Tip #5 – Provide Incentives. This relates to tip #4 in that you want to get customers using your service right away. If you are are a retailer, you may want to offer a coupon within your welcome message to entice your new subscriber into becoming a paying customer. You can put a time limit on the offer to help ensure a faster sale, but the main point is to get subscribers to click through and start browsing your site for something they want. It’s a great way to get subscribers familiar with your brand and to stimulate a sale. Dick’s Sporting Goods provides a 10% off coupon that is only valid online and only for one week.


Dicks_Welcome Message

To learn more about how to customize your email messages for success, download ourEmail Segmentation Guide.

Carly Brantz is a veteran in the email deliverability space working to make email simple and easy for developers by regularly writing whitepapers, research briefs and blog posts about email, technology and industry trends.
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