The Katalyst Cog West Difference

Katalyst Cog West (KCW) is a San Diego based company that has tailored its web marketing and business growth services with concerted focus on the needs of small businesses and their necessarily flexible marketing budgets. KCW’s Founder Jeannette Maldonado began building the intrinsic structure for what she loosely calls an “agency” by “fibbing” her way into her first actual position as a marketing admin for a luxury textile manufacturer. Time and a paycheck barely eased the nagging thought that the entire system just wasn’t right..You lie to get the job, fake it until you make it with on the job training, and if you don’t completely mess up a big account which miraculously always lands on the least experienced admin/coordinator/specialists (take your pick of gratuitous title,they all mean the same thing),which cycles again back to the lying…If you pass probation it will only be due to a growing proclivity to strategically package and repackage other professionals “lies” in some form, until eventually every ethical line you came into the industry touting as a badge of courage is now a distant memory. One that breeds apathy and a jaded approach to what some would call an artform (when done correctly that is).. It was durring that first gruling 12 months of last minute event management,back breaking behind the scenes labor, and personal financial investment that caused the epiphany that started it all.  Why should all of this glory and fame be reserved for those priviledged or lucky enough to hold a business or marketing degree. Why should other bright hard working people without a BA or BS not be allowed to create movement and commerce. The skill and drive should determine the contract procurment, not some inconsequential piece of paper. or well placed name drop”. The premis that you should appropriatley promise and similarly deliver, consistently, no BS (pun intended) required. Honest service, by honest people is still a rarity (I feel) in the Physical Marketing and now E-Marketing industries of late. Now fortified with over a decade and a half of industry experience Katalyst Cog West has evolved, from an idealistic rebelious musing into a disruptive, progressive and meaningful platform to support the paradigm shift currently trending in todays commercial arena. We eagerly and openly look for ways to strengthen the entrepreneur, and  surrounding community infrastructure ethically with the end goal of promoting sustainable, perpetual benefit.

From our own experience, we understand many visionaries take their business online to mitigate costs while attempting to captivate a larger audience, the value of that momentum can only be truly capitalized on if the appropriate structure and direction is applied at the right time.

It’s no secret that industry standard will emphasize repeatedly that “your” ultimate goal should be appearing on one of the top positions in your local search engine result list, and subsequently it is the best, most provable way of capturing the attention of prospective customers who are searching for information related to your product/service; this can only be possible through effective white hat SEO techniques. Techniques of course that they’ve mastered, incorporating the “right mix of inexpensive White Hat SEO techniques” that can even assist the boot-strapping start-up achieve online marketing success despite their moderate marketing budgets.

Then an attractive snowball price-point will be lobbed arbitrarily into the pretentious sales pitch…“Our company’s SEO packages start as low as $199, and if you think paying less for search engine optimization means you receive sub-par service. Nope. It just means you’re a savvy consumer. And your competitors are probably paying too much”.

Nice cliche cheese-ball “CTA” (not literally, but that is what they believe a CTA or Call To Action should look like). The fact of the matter is that the only reason to quote a baseline price without consulting is to provide compare and contrast information with which to sell your boss on (which will undoubtedly change drastically after consult, when the “premium” package will be pushed like a 30lb kid on a swingset) or as a ploy to allure inexperienced start-ups into buying a one size fits all load of garbage that any 12 year old could do one handed while waiting in a cafeteria line and simultaneously tweeting about the crappy lunch special of the day.

People with the  passion, drive and guts to create a business deserve more than either of those two options, and that’s what Katalyst Cog West provides.

Apples to ApplesWEIGH THE COSTS

When you make the leap to hire a full-time admin person, there are a lot of time and cost concerns to keep in mind. We’ve made a business around saving our clients  the time, money and headaches that come with finding, training, and keeping full time staff busy.



Annual Compensation Recruiting Time
Bonuses Paid Vacation
Overtime Paid Holidays
401K Sick Days
Retirement Seminars / Training
Social Security Busy Work
Medical / Dental Insurance Web Surfing
Workman’s Comp Social Sites
Disability Personal Calls
Seminars / Training Lunch Breaks
Computer Coffee Breaks
Software Bad Days
Total Cost
A LOT OF $$$
You only pay for the time we’re actually working on your business.

And you never pay a dime when we aren’t.

Let us create an affordable
custom solution for you