Who & What is Katalyst Cog West

Formed in Northern San Diego, California, in 2011, Katalyst Cog West was created to provide a more cognitively designed, sustainable and scalable/affordable alternative for businesses who want to capitalize on marketing potential to increase their sales and brand awareness. Founder Jeannette Maldonado has had personal success as a marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in the corporate realm honing an eclectic collection of skills.  Using the experience amassed from marketing luxury textiles internationally, to microelectronic marketing to the medical,aerospace and military contingents, to growing a family based catering business with her chef husband and more her mission and objective is to incorporate non-profit philanthropic ideals to help create a more ethical expectation of conduct in business.  Taking many lessons from her foray in the private sector, she finally took the leap of faith to help any who were willing to ask, at the risk of destroying her professional reputation and losing invaluable business relationships that had taken years to cultivate.  Thankfully the paradigm of status quo in business had already begun to shift and more peers than expected have shown support, helping KCW to exist and grow.

Jeannette has lived in America’s Finest City, specifically the North County Coastal area, since 1988, she pulls from being a military brat to military spouse and finally military reservist to continue a life of dedication to service, and bringing about change with effort and action.  While working and living in the Tri-City area, Jeannette has built valuable relationships other businesses in the area and individuals that could be better served by a more nurturing commercial environment consequently developing a passion to build a cooperative focused on fostering endemic success and empowering those businesses and individuals in need.

Because of this passion and the personal success in her own marketing endeavors in the past, Jeannette diligently continues to augment her real world experience with relevant education both online through Coursera.Org as well as by attending industry events, seminars and webinars to stay ahead of the curve. Jeannette proudly created Katalyst Cog West with the primary goal of creating a quality brand awareness and sustainable, scalable growth methodologies to increase the bottom line for local businesses in the San Diego area.  In her free time, Jeannette enjoys entertaining, camping and rally car tuning/racing and taking the family on road trips!  Her passion and pride in her work coupled with a vigilant focus on balance make Jeannette and Katalyst Cog West a perfect fit for your company.

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